About the Company

The company is established in 1998 as a local CATI centre servicing Dutch clients, GDCC has evolved into an Independent data collection specialist, providing International CATI & online services to leading Market Research and Consultancy agencies. With a total capacity of 260+ seats across our locations, GDCC is capable of handling any size of project in multiple languages. From our state of the art facilities we operate 7 days a week conducting International projects via CATI, online and mixed mode approaches. GDCC provides services to full service Market Research agencies and Consultancy Companies ONLY and guarantees a level of quality, knowledge, experience and technology which is second to none. From our GDCC sites we cover the world with our own native language speaking interviewing teams. All our locations use the same CATI platform and work with unified state of the art dialers (see our Factsheet). GDCC offers high-level, quality driven CATI services, across both consumer and business sectors, and has wide experience across many industries. We believe however that it is our dedication to quality interviewing and the `nuts and bolts` of CATI work that has led to our success, rather than a rigid focus on individual industries. Also, although CATI fieldwork lies at the core of what we do on a day-to-day basis, we are also more than capable to run online surveys, as long as they are part of a bigger (CATI) project.