Do you have an in-house NPS or Customer program set-up, but need a professional partner to conduct the telephonic interviews with your customers (or competitor-customers)?

GDCC is the preferred, and often sole, TELEPHONIC FIELDWORK PARTNER for the corporate research departments of multinational organizations to handle their GLOBAL CSAT and NPS surveys targeting both B2B and B2C groups.

Many organizations use GDCC’s telephonic data collection support for their CSAT and NPS studies to overcome low response rate issue in their existing online surveys or because they feel telephonic interviews yield better/richer data than an online approach.

  • How we handle these global CSAT/NPS projects and get better response rate?
    • Using only experienced true native speakers for telephonic interviews: we are able to use native speakers for most countries/regions by using our call center facilities in USA, UK, Netherlands, Kosovo, Macedonia, Hong Kong and Turkey
    • Offering mixed method options to respondents: first attempt by telephone and send online survey invitation as alternative option for the respondsents who refused by phone
    • Feasibility to cover all time zones: GDCC operates 24/47 by using 475 CATI stations with 850+ interviewers to handle 40+ languages in-house. This help us to cover all contacts in your customer base during their preferred hours and not missing any appointments from them
    • Automated systems to increase contact points with your customers:
      • We can send pre-notification emails to respondents about the upcoming survey
      • Contact them at different times and -days to get better response rate
      • Ensure that callback appointments are honored to the letter, regardless of the time zone of the respondent
  • How we ensure privacy of your customer contact data?
    • GDCC is ISO 20252 & 27001 accredited
    • GDCC is compliant with GDPR and TCPA rules
    • All GDCC centers are working directly on a centralized server located in Europe
    • If needed: GDCC has the flexibility to work directly on your data collection platform
  • How we ensure quality and transparency of survey results?
    • GDCC uses only experienced native speakers
    • 100% recordings with consent of respondents to do continuous quality checks and make sure of 100% transparency
    • Minimum 10% monitoring of all interviews by evaluators for each language
    • In-house experts in programming complex multi lingual and multi mode surveys and handle data processing
    • Flexibility to send auto generated notifications to your project management or sales team to inform about detractor cases during NPS surveys

Do you want to know more about what we can do for you?

Contact us at sales@gdcc.com.