GDCC ISO 27001 Accredited

In August 2016 GDCC received confirmation of successful accreditation to ISO 27001, now held alongside existing ISO 20252 certification.

ISO 27001 is the International standard for Information Security Management, demanding an external inspection to validate that processes are in place to manage sensitive information in a secure environment.

ISO 27001 Information Security and data protection brings supreme importance to data for organisations globally. Business who are safeguarding both their client and company data against potential threats. By integrating a robust information security management system your organisation can ensure that the quality, safety, service and product reliability of your organisation has been safeguarded to the highest level.

GDCC has always taken data security very seriously and now holding ISO 27001 confirms that our people, processes and IT systems provide a systematic approach to the management of sensitive information, collected via survey research or provided to GDCC by our clients and third parties.

GDCC CEO Kees-Jan Mars comments: “As our clients around the world have themselves taken up ISO 27001 accreditation, it is essential that we can mirror their information security processes and systems. I am delighted that our data management procedures have passed such a rigorous external audit”.

All GDCC offices work to ISO 27001 & ISO 20252 standards. ISO 20252 is the global standard for quality management in market research.

GDCC also works to the requirements of the United States TCPA and is an ESOMAR Corporate Member.

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