GDCC UK Developments 2017

GDCC’s London CATI center has been fully booked for the last 4 months of 2017. So far over 60,000 hours have been called from this center across 20 different countries. Interviewing has been conducted on a wide range of Business and Consumer projects, including in financial services, customer services, telecoms, IT and automotive sectors, as well as national polling.

Given demand is outgrowing our 65 seat facility at rapid pace, we expect to move to a much large center (120 seats) later this year. In order to manage the expansion in a solid manner, Danny Millar recently joined GDCC UK as UK Client & Operations manager: Danny brings 20+ years of CATI-management experience on board, having managed callcenters for the NOP group, BPRI, KANTAR and most recently IFF Research, before joining GDCC UK.