Experts for In- and Outsourcing CATI services

The last decade has seen the Market Research environment change rapidly, and the pace of that change is increasing every year. In the current dynamic of the MR industry, there is a transformation compared to only five years ago: with the need to adapt quickly to the continuously evolving environment, research companies have been forced to redefine their core competencies, focus more on added value, and less on operational processes, such as data collection.


The logical consequence is that activities no longer part of the added-value offering, or not defined as of strategic focus, are being reviewed within the scope of a make or buy decision.

GDCC as a data collection (CATI) company has identified this trend and has supported a significant number of MR companies by successfully transferring their in-house CATI activities through outsourcing, or by the redefined insourcing of related teams, processes and infrastructure.

CATI outsourcing expertise

Transition of (running) CATI projects, including some existing staff,
where necessary, to GDCC CATI centers.

CATI insourcing expertise

Transition of the complete CATI center to GDCC ownership,
including staff and other assets.

Experience has demonstrated that each migration route is unique, whilst at the same time each scenario has a significant number of common elements. Based on the transition processes we have managed in the past, we have built a roadmap including best-practices, allowing us to implement a migration plan in a relatively short timeframe, while at the same time ensuring consistent ongoing support to the client.

All essential requirements are included, ranging from prevention of data inconsistencies in ongoing tracking studies through adherence to country specific legislation and acknowledged best practice.


Managing CATI facilities is our daily job and core competence. In all previous migration routes we have been able to optimize processes, yielding higher efficiency, ultimately presenting cost savings for the client.

Today maintaining an in-house CATI facility is no longer driven by end client-demand. By not having this obligation any longer, in- or outsourcing of your CATI activities will lead to several strategic advantages.

This white paper tries to give some pointers and guidelines on which issues to take into account during the decision making process to either keep non-core activities in-house or to outsource

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