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Interviews per year

and Figures

525 CATI stations

Covering over 30 languages in-house on a day-to-day basis and 40+ languages in total.

B2B groups

(IT, Financial, Senior Managers & Healthcare) & Consumer. Extensive experience with customer satisfaction surveys.

Single point of contact

For all markets involved from an experienced English speaking team.

In-house experts

In programming complex multi lingual and multi-time zone projects.

Expert assistance

with sampling as required

Data delivery

in SPSS, ASSCII or any other format

ISO 20252 & 27001




CATI platform (Nebu)

Integration of our CATI platform (Nebu) with other platforms such as Confirmit or Dimensions. Dialer integration with Nebu, Confirmit, Dimensions, NIPO, CfMC, Askia.


Preview and predictive dialling.

GDCC score

Customer sat score of GDCC over the last years is consistently 8.3, NPS rating at 35%.


Digital recordings of the interviews

Quality of fieldwork

As mentioned before, the Quality of fieldwork is one of the most important foundations of the GDCC proposition: all processes within the GDCC call centers are focused on conducting telephonic interviews as effectively and efficiently as possible. Multi-language fieldwork is undertaken with the quality and integrity of data the paramount concern.

GDCC is the only global data company collection service that is able to conduct all 27 EU countries in-house without any outsourcing, using native speakers for all of the markets.

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