Study on Gender Balance to Improve the Role of Women in the Energy Transition 

GDCC is currently collecting data via CATI for this prestigious project in no less than 35 countries. We are a big supporter of gender equality, and we’re looking forward to seeing the reports in due term. Click here to learn more…


CATI work is Thriving 

QI and Q2 have been exceptionally busy as our team and number of projects continue to grow. We are seeing significant growth in CATI work due to the global concerns researchers have with data integrity and quality. We take great pride in the quality of data we deliver through CATI. Our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards ensures quality data at all times.


Networking and Conferences

We attended some great conferences in the Market Research industry already this year. These events provided us with valuable networking opportunities and industry insight. We had the pleasure of meeting some truly remarkable individuals and speakers. Up next among others are: the ESRA Annual Congress in Milan (17-21 July); The ESOMAR Congress in Amsterdam (10-13 September) and Succeet in Wiesbaden (25-26 October). We hope to see you there and catch up.

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