GDCC Updates Q1/Q2 2022

Going stronger than ever!

We started 2022 well and had the busiest of months this Q1-Q2. We say: keep it coming, the busier the better! 

After 23 years in our original location in Rotterdam, we have moved our global headquarters to a new location across the street: the entire 12th floor of the office suites building will house GDCC HQ staff, as well as 45 seats for on-premise interviewers (in addition to our 125+ homeworkers in the Netherlands). In total we now deploy 800+ interviewers globally, spread between 350 physical seats and work from home interviewers.


Other developments

  • Although in early stages, the probability based panel we plan to build is taking shape. If you are interested in more information (methodology and markets) feel free to reach out so we can discuss.
  • GDCC USA is gearing up for election polls. As in every other year, we expect a very busy Q3-Q4 in the US! If you are planning to do CATI polls in the USA please get in touch with our sales team (given we conduct all work in-house, capacity has its limits).
  • Scheduled long ago and delayed greatly by the COVID pandemic, most of the GDCC teams from Europe flew out to Istanbul for four days of team building, fun and amazing views across the Bosphorus. 
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