GDCC highlights 2019 and looking forward to 2020

It was a busy year (again)!
  • Revenue –up by 26% compared to 2018 (excluding USA). CATI data collection is alive and kicking!
  • Adding 2 new CATI centers and lots of new colleagues to the GDCC family: GDCC now totals 9 callcenters globally with 600+ seats
  • GDCC USA achieving- and all other centers renewing ISO 27001 and 20252 accreditations
  • Rolling out the Nebu CATI platform in our USA centers (TCPA compliant)
  • Running 500,000+ interviewing hours in 56 languages (one of them being Telugu: this was a first for us)
  • GDCC customer sat/NPS rating both remained steady at 8.3 / 31


Plans for 2020:
  • Expand our global coverage further, either by opening up new facilities, or by taking over existing centers in need of more work
  • Scale up capacity in the USA centers for polling interviews for the election cycle
  • Adding probability based panels to the product portfolio in several markets
  • Expanding our B2B databases with research friendly respondents (note that we are not calling this a panel)
  • See if we can exceed the 700,000 hours per year mark
  • Roll out newest version of NEBU CATI + Sytel dialers